Saturday, May 30, 2009


What is the weight of emptfyness ?

heavier than you can bare

heavier than you can imagine 

heavier than you hope.

whats the colour of emtyness?

darker than black

denser than the fog

thicker than your blood

whats emptyness?

a answer unknown

a person gone away

a touch forgotten

where is emtyness?

in all the places that you touched me

in all the places that are scarred

in all the places that are alive

Friday, May 29, 2009


Today was hectic . . .lot of work and no time to breathe . . . . 

but i still look forward to thee
the missing light of my day
only shadows prevail
and yet these shadows wait for the light
that will take them away to a distant land
where there is hope . . a future and lots of joy

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Where to look?

Vishal stood by the window. The light had flooded the room. He looked beyond light. He was frozen. Like death had taken him over.

All the light couldnt fill the darkness in his heart. The darkness thats all encompassing. A sense of meaningless. A sense of hopelessness.

Vishal had thousand reasons to smile. One reason to Sulk. why is it that one simple reason weighs heavier than thousand good reasons?

because it was this one reason that was the reaason for him to live. It was this reason, that was the reason for him to find meaning. It was this reason beyond any reason that he wanted to look ahead. 

But when there is a dead end where ever you look..... where else do you look? 

May be within.

Black and White

some times in life you need everything in Black and White. 

Greys are very disturbing. 

You need to stop swinging because in equillibrium there is a sense of zero. 
zero is peace.
I can pretend to smile, I can pretend to laugh . . .but I cannot pretend a Life. 

Time flys away and you stay back. 

Darkness and light

Black and White.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hey People

I am on a writing spree again. Will write as regularly as possible and all of you can stay in touch with my life from this. 

For today all I have to say is that, the Day has been unfair. I am lost in contemplation and Some thoughts have left me unsettled. 

I hope to settle down soon . . . . and I want to Fly . . Want to be Unconditionally Happy.